What We Offer

We offer clean verbatim transcription, verbatim transcription, and management of podcasts. 

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We submit a clean copy which means the transcript has been edited slightly. We remove repeated words, stutters, and false starts.

Nothing is removed from the transcript including the repeated words.

We offer management of podcasts on monthly basis, whereby we offer recurring transcription services.

What Our Clients Say

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"I have used Anthill Transcription Services to help speed through interviews conducted as a host. The turnaround time is always fast, I hit my deadlines despite background noise (and some poor English from non-native speakers) the transcriptions come out very accurate."
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James Ginsberg
Talk Show Host
"Services offered by Anthill Transcription are timely, articulate, reasonable, precise, and very helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone including my colleagues. Excellent services."
Anthill Transcription review
Alice Bucher
"I order for transcripts for court proceedings especially when obtaining restraining orders for my clients because most judges require transcripts. Anthill transcribers are always able to distinguish the voices and submit accurate transcripts."
Anthill Transcription review
Andrew Sanders

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer clean verbatim transcription, verbatim transcription, and management of podcasts. 

We serve various industries which include; general business, podcasting, marketing and advertising, education, social media, news and entertainment and dictation.

Transcription cost start at $1 per audio minute. For monthly podcast management services, the pricing is dependent on the average length of podcast plus the publishing frequency. Please contact us and get a quote on this.

We charge an extra $0.20 for timestamps and $0.50 for rush jobs.

Payments are done when placing an order. However we offer a money back guarantee if our services don’t meet your expectations or instructions.

We have human transcribers who transcribe all the audios.

We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a client upon their request. However, we do not share client files with third parties.

We accept Paypal payments, Visa or MasterCard.

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